Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Love that Kid!

Chris and I at a gig in Ontario.
Today I was in a meeting when my cell went off and I naturally thought it was my husband Gord, as he's my most frequent caller (and I love him for it) I decided I would quickly answer and tell him I would call him back. However when I heard the voice at the other end my heart jumped a happy jump and skipped a beat as I heard, "Hi Auntie"! It was Chris, my sister's eldest son who was calling from Fernie BC. Immediately I felt the love in his voice as he asked me"How are you?"

"Oh Chris I'm in a meeting I can't talk right now." Then my mind said, oh what the heck at least say more than hello. "How are you? It's so good to hear your voice. Hey when are you getting married?"... I was half joking because not even 10 days ago he sent me a text to tell me he was

a) in love

b) setting his trampolines up in his yard ( he has 3 or maybe it's 4)

3) in great shape

4) working hard

But if the truth be known I would love for him to say he was getting married, because then I might be one step closer to becoming a Grandma! How selfish of me right? Well I don't know, I think he would make a great dad. Did I really say the word Grandma? Yes, even at my age I love the idea. My sister passed away when Chris was 20 so I would love to be a surrogate grandma. And better Chris who's nearly 27 than my only son Keldon who's just 17!!! Ok - I will wait.

I love it when Chris just phones me out of the blue like that. I did try to call him back later, like I said I would but I'm sure he was out enjoying his day off, probably entertaining himself in the small resort town of Fernie in beautiful British Columbia , where he has grown up fearlessly riding his bike down man made ramps, jumps, dangerous ski hills and jumping off bridges, ledges and a yardful of trampolines! He's a man of extreme sports and his personality suits it.

I find it hard to believe that my sister has almost been gone for 7 years. I know how much I miss her so I can only imagine how much he misses her. They were so close. I don't think anything made my sister more proud than her handsome, funny, adventurous, loving son Christopher. Never one to shy away from hugs and kisses, always so generous with his affection, even as a grown adult Chris just has that special 'something'.

I guess I will have to wait to see to see Chris exchanging the same kind of love with his own child, but until that time I will wait with anticipation, knowing that one day he will experience the same kind of undconditional love that his mother had for him.

Thanks for the call Chris. I love you very much.



  1. I hope they celebrate Mother's Day in Heaven, too.

  2. how sweet! I am going to be a "step" grandma this coming August! and I am overjoyed! My step daughter Michelle is so generous and so wonderful to include me even after losing her Dad! God is Good!