Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who's Gonna Love Me?

Last week two of my best girlfriend's each lost a parent. As I now find myself middle aged, sadly, this is going to be more of a regular occurance.

On Saturday I sang at my good friend Kath's father's funeral. Denny had been a fan of my music from way back so I was very happy to offer to sing one last time for him. I sang a few old favorites like Amazing Grace and What A Friend We Have In Jesus. I told Kath I had a new song, which has been recorded for my fall CD release "Heart of a Woman", that I knew would be fitting, but may be too sad. I emailed the lyrics to her and she read them to her mom....twice. Her mother said she would like for me to sing the song.

I put on my best professional face and sat at the front of the chapel behind the keyboard the entire service. Not an easy thing to do. When I sang the new song I knew there would be tears,but I focused on my song and did my best not to become emotional myself. The response after the funeral was very humbling and people had been touched by the song that I had written.

The song was inspired by a married couple that I barely knew. Two years ago I had accompanied a friend to visit this couple in the hospital where the husband was dying of two brain tumours. I was very blessed to be able to pray for them that day and it was a special meeting that I will always remember.

Inspiration for my songs always comes from real life. My own experiences and those I observe around me. I lost my mother to cancer as a young teenage girl and stood by her bedside watching her take her last breath.

Yesterday Rhonda Glenn, a friend from several years back at our church, and former co-host of 100 Huntley St sadly passed away from an inoperable brain tumour. She was only diagnosed April 28th. Rhonda leaves her husband Ray David and their young 7 year old son Matthew.

Last week Kath and her family stood by Denny's bedside and sadly this week Ray David and young Matthew stood by Rhonda's.

Rhonda may you rest in peace my beautiful sister. You will be dearly missed. Thank you for your compassionate heart and sensitive spirit. You touched so many lives including mine. Ray David - thank you for your strength and courage to accept God's decision so faithfully. Matthew may you always remember your mother and the unconditional love she so adored you with.

Who's Gonna Love Me

Don't be afraid I'm right here
Until the end I'm not goin' anywhere
So close your eyes and rest my dear
And when you wake up I'll still be here

We used to laugh until we'd cry
Hold eachother in our sleep at night
And in the morning just before the sun
You would wake me with your kiss
And then you'd love me

There's any empty bed and here's a broken heart
Everything in me has fallen apart
Drowning in a pool of tears
Now you're gone and I'm still here

We used to laugh until we'd cry
Hold eachother in our sleep at night
And in the morning just before the sun
When I'm reminded that you're gone
Who 's gonna love me.
Who's gonna love me
Who is gonna love me.

Kelita Haverland, Heart & Soul Music
copyright 2010


  1. Hi Kelita

    I too lost my mother at age 56 to cancer; and she was my hero. Couldn't believe the news today that Rhonda had passed...she was beautiful inside and out, and I loved watching her on Huntley Street....just proves how tenuous life is, and that we thank God for each day we have left.
    p.s. Love the words to that song...they touched me.... blessings Barb

  2. Beautiful words brought tears to my eyes.
    Hugs My friend!

  3. It is another one of life's bittersweet moments.... Sincere sympathies are extended to all friends and family of this dear soul. What a marvelous testimony she had, and I am so pleased that her appointment with Jesus didn't include an extended time in the waiting room with lots of pain--I am sure the short month of pain was horrible enough for her and all who were close to her!