Friday, February 4, 2011

Gifts From the HEART

Before Facebook was even thought of, I was reconnecting with people from my past through my website. I was always amazed at who would come across my computer!

Well a few years ago I received an email from someone I hadn't had any contact with since I was a mere 12 years old back in Claresholm, Alberta! And yes I think he even had a crush on me. It was great to hear from Bob and also his wife Lynn. She recalled the crazy highschool skiing trip where she listened to me playing and singing at the grand piano in the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel.

Bob grew very interested in my music and was intrigued in how this 'gift' had helped me navigate my own healing journey. Bob was beginning to look at his own at the time and ordered every single one of my CD's. But I believe what may have inspired Bob the most was how I was now able to use that gift to raise awareness and aid for little girls in Cambodia rescued the evils of sexual slavery.

As we developed a new friendship Bob made it known that he wanted to use his 'gift' and raise some support for these brave young survivors. Of course I was 100 % behind him and very thankful that he was inspired to give back. Bob had found a mission! Bob is an auto mechanic by trade and loves working on vehicles so he was going to find a truck, fix it up and then sell it with 100% of the profits going to the girls at our NewSong centre in Cambodia through Ratanak International.

Through a series of major ups and downs, frustrations and set backs, not to mention back and shoulder surgery, Bob never once wavered from his good intent. Every now and then he would send off an email expressing his disappointment but I just said, "When it's done it's done Bob. Don't worry. God is in control".

Well I am happy to announce that after nearly 3 years, the 'charity truck', as Bob and Lynn liked to call it, has been sold and a cheque for $6,000.00 is on it's way to enable more girls to be rescued from sexual abuse and torture in Cambodia.

I am so proud of Bob and Lynn for seeing the vision through to completion. Yes, I have inspired them, but they in turn have really encouraged me through their shere determination and dedication to a cause that has become dear to their hearts.

We are all capable of so much if we catch the vision, hold onto it, and then allow the compassion to propel us to a new place that changes our own hearts and the lives of others.

Now that's an amazing Valentine!

God Bless you Bob and Lynn and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. Coming from someone who is a sex trafficking survivor Bob and Lynn I think you are amazing people and this story touched me deeply. God bless you. The world needs more like you many more you are a fine example of humanity.