Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flush the Fat!

Hello Faithful Followers,

Well, yesterday I blew the being good in the food dept. I like what my girlfriend Liz says ,(and she should know she's lost 100 whopping pounds!!). You have to have the 80/20 rule. If you're good 80% of the time then you aren't depriving yourself too much, which can then lead into total failure.

I was at friends last night and we were watching the final Jr Hockey game and they ordered PIZZA!! I love pizza but it is sooooo bad. Yes and there were Lindor chocolates and Turtles sitting right under my nose at the table where I sat and guessed it, I caved. This was the first Turtle I had had all holidays. Gee- it was good, but went so fast. Not sure it was worth it. Just like anything that's tempting it's so easy to take the first bite and just put all self control aside and dive in for more. And this is just a little chocolate we're talking about!

I also got so wrapped up in work that I didn't make it to the gym yesterday either.

Ok so today has been much better.

Something that I have been doing, which I forgot to mention is dry body brushing first thing in the morning. Check this link out and you'll be amazed how important this little discipline is.

I have been drinking lots of herbal tea and that helps me stay hydrated and flushes toxins,...including fat. I prefer that to drinking boring old water. There are so many varieties of herbal teas and I find them comforting as well. One of my favorites is Eygptian Licorice. It has a natural sweetner as well.

Hope you're doing well today!

Your friend

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  1. Hi Kelita
    thanks for the tips..... holy cow, I wish I could say I ate only one turtle over the holidays... hmmmmm
    the link for dry body brushing is not working right. can you check it out and repost!