Monday, January 3, 2011

Doing Well - TODAY!

My day started with drinking lemon and hot water which is great for the body. This should be a morning ritual for everyone. Check out all the benefits.


Later on I pushed myself hard on the elliptical at the gym and then did some stretching for my bad lower back and some dips for my poor sagging arms. That one I can blame on the genes. I felt like I had really worked out (did 40 minutes cardio and burned 514 calories) YAY!!!!

Don't know if it was the response my mind had from the cardio but I had so many amazing ideas coming after I was finished. The creative juices were really flowing and I wished I'd had a piece of paper to write everything down on.

I got my errands done that I set out to do and am now home. I stuck to my plan and didn't manage to get off course. This is all part of new year's 'doing'. Takes discipline for me. I sometimes wonder if I don't have a little ADD... or maybe alot.

So far so good.


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  1. Good for you Kelita! Since purchasing (after Christmas) a treadmill I have attempted to walk/run daily. I don't know how you manage to burn so many calories though in such a short time...what is your secret? Keep it up....I will be looking for updates to keep me motivated as well!! P.S. Can't seem open the lemon water site.