Thursday, June 19, 2014

Breathing is Still A Good Thing!

Do you have a lot of negative self talk? Worry about where the world is going in a hand basket? Scared of  "C" word? Upset about what is in the food you feed your family? Anxious about the weather changes - floods and hurricanes? Find yourself thinking about the brain fog you never used to have? Worry about your aging parents, retirement, loss of hair and your sex drive? Concerned that there was a shooting in your neighbourhood last night? Pray adamantly that your adult children will soon leave home, now that you've stopped feeding them cheese?

Whew? Me too. I, like you am more and more aware of the world around and within me. I don't know whether it's just this thing called middle age. Yup, I still think of 56 as middle aged - which means I am expecting to be living to 112. Or, if it's just that the world is going a lot crazy and I am going there with it.

I really really do my best to be positive, uplifting, encouraging and optimistic, but if truth be known, I am much more of a realist. And from where I have been standing and observing, there is a deep sadness. I know just breathing air into my lungs everyday is something to be grateful for and might be ALL I can be certain of. For this moment anyways. We never know when lightening will strike or a phone call will come. Our lives can change in an instant.

The day is almost over.  I will  step outside on my deck and look at the pretty flowers that I planted. I can catch the sunset which casts a stream of colour above the houses in my neighbourhood. I will crawl into bed,  kiss my beloved husband of 23 years goodnight, and pray for my son and the world that he is inheriting.

Simple pleasures. Never taken for granted. Living in the moment. Yes, breathing is still a good thing.


  1. im 61...and im middle

  2. So true - refreshingly genuine - that's what I love about you, my friend! Your tenacity for life (the good, the bad & the ugly) are an inspiration to so many! You 'speak, sing, create wonderful characters, share your heart, make the world laugh' ..... all that, and more :) I am blessed to have met you, Kelita Haverland, and I hope you live to be much older than 112!

  3. Thanks for your kinds comments Jenn.

  4. Love it! YOU are a breath of fresh air Kelita! and you're a good writer. Thank you for choosing to use your voice to still be an influence. You could be sitting back in your chair and enjoying those flowers you planted, and retire after all the hard work you have done, but you keep on going! and you influence people's lives. God bless you! and prosper everything that you do!

  5. Sarah!! Thanks for the encouragement:)