Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deep Dark Secrets

Sexual abuse is not something I would choose to write about because it's not a pleasant topic by any means. However, it is something that I spend allot of time dealing with on many different levels. I half jokingly said to a friend the other day, I'm in ministry and it's all about sex!

  • I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse
  • Members of my family are as well
  • Many of my friends are survivors of the same
  • I meet and hear from many women and men who are survivors
  • I hear from women whose children have been victims
  • I professionally speak and sing about my own experience
  • I am a justice advocate and fundraiser for Cambodian children rescued from the child sextrade

My heart is completely broken every time I hear about another case in the newspaper or see a story on TV. It's like this hidden crime is now in your face more and more everyday. And it's no longer just a crime focused on females. The situation isn't getting better but worse... all around our world.

There are over 1.2 million children in our world today who are victims of child exploitation. The buying and selling of little children for sex and pornography is a multi billion dollar business.

My newest CD "Heart of a Woman" gives me the platform to sing an old, but never released song, Deep Dark Secret. Unusual Child, written about my half brother who was one of my perpetrators and one of my most popular songs has been redone for this CD. I have healed through these parts of my life but I strongly desire to encourage others to heal through their's. I know from my own experience there is freedom beyond the pain.

Once we can get to that place of feeling then the healing begins. For too long so many have kept their dark secrets just that - secret. It is only when we expose the darkness to the Light that we can begin to let go of the shame and take healthy responsiblity for our own healing journey. We must if we are to live a life of wholeness and be an example for our children and grandchildren.

I hope that through my new music I can continue to inspire both men, women and children to be brave enough to face their own secrets head on and allow God to be there with them step by step.

November 19 - is the International Prevention of Child Abuse Day http://http//


  1. I can feel your passion in this post. I am praying for you. (Oh, and Timmy Boyle sent me)

  2. It's not something that's easy to talk/write/sing about, but there are many hurting people it helps. May your ministry be richly blessed.

    And Timmy misses you.